About Us

We are a small independent craft company that has been well established within the industry since the 1st of May 2011. We are made up of a small team that includes us; the owners, Alfie and Kay.

Indigoblu was launched after Alfie was unfortunately made redundant for the third time. Kay already had a creative background with 18 years of experience in Design and Photography, so when a friend suggested we borrow an old stamp machine that was gathering dust we decided to make a go of it. With just enough money for a singular roll of rubber, Alfie began pressing & making red rubber stamps that were designed by Kay. It was In Alfie’s Parents shed- Our Quintessentially English Red Rubber Stamp Range was born.

After some trial and error to ensure we were able to make high quality, deeply etched, detailed designs, we enlisted the help of David from Samuel Taylors. David supported us in promoting our small range of stamps to crafters in their stores and at retail shows. With our products now truly out in the world their popularity took off almost overnight. It wasn’t long before Kay was able to give up her three jobs and dedicate herself full-time (and some) to IndigoBlu. With this growth our press was moved from Alfie's parents to a "production cabin" in the garden of our cottage.

Over the Years as our business has grown we have continued to dedicate ourselves 7 days a week with both early starts and late finishes to ensure that the range of Indigoblu products continues to grow each month. From when we were first recognised as a rising star within the craft world, winning our first Stamp of the Year award in 2012 and reaching every other milestone we have met during this journey is what enables us to keep creating, making and designing with the same passion as when it all began.

Whilst still to this day we are best known for our beautiful handmade rubber stamps we have also worked incredibly hard to develop and create other products that have taken the industry by storm- Kay developed the now famous FlitterGlu stamping adhesive which was so popular at it’s release that we had to enlist the help of family and friends to meet the incredible demand.

To present we are still a small Independent craft company but we are now also recognised as an established local employer and manufacturer. We now reside in a small manufacturing unit and we are pleased to be able to offer employment to our incredibly hardworking IndigoBlu elves. Kay still designs the majority of our stamps but we are now regularly joined by guest designers who bring their own flavour to the IndigoBlu family. Our “Production Cabin” is now Kay’s dedicated Design studio and Alfie presses and makes our stamps using not 1 but 3 press machines.

We continue to be forever grateful for everyone that has and continues to help us during this journey. Our employees, family, friends and customers. Without you we would not have been able to grow so quickly. Your continued support of kind words and praise really does inspire us and gives us great pleasure in watching the IndigoBlu family continue to grow.

Thankyou to anyone who has purchased any one of our huge range of products, has attended our incredibly popular dirty weekends and craft tours and even those that just show continued support on our social media. We cannot wait to see where IndigoBlu is in another ten years! 

Kay & Alfie x