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True Blue

Morning everyone, hope you have had a good weekend.  The weather dipped a bit, I got sunburnt on thursday and I’ve frozen all weekend!  Washed my van today, made a lovely sunday lunch for friends, and… did… some…..sewing!!!!

Anyone who knows me knows I can’t sew.  And I hate it.  I bought a sewing machine to do square’s around cards (which I still don’t do).  That’s it.  Hubby made me take his trouser’s up last week, put me in a bad mood for ages.

Today I made some small curtains for my van.  And tie backs!!  I won’t show you as my sewing is atrocious, but they do the job.  And if you don’t look closely they even look ok.  It was only one pair of curtains, and there are three more windows, but that’s enough for me… for the next year or so…

So back to something I like much better…  painty things!!

I had a little frame lying around, that I thought could do with a bit of sprucing up.  I don’t know why, but when I go to paint frames, I always go for a certain blue.  I’m not a lover of blue normally, but Grandma’s teacup is such a fab colour, like wedgewood, that I get drawn to it every time.

I gave the frame two coats, and let it dry naturally, the colour stays truer than if you heat gun it.  The Indigoblu cottage paints are such high quality that one coat would of done, but I love the luscious feel of the paint after a couple of layers, nice and smooth.

frame corner

As the frame looked like wedgewood, I stamped rose blush, embossed with flitterglu and off white embossing powder, which gives a beautiful china like finish.  Rose blush was stamped on both corners, and an old embellishment out of a wedding pack gives the sentiment Love.

frame bottom corner

This would be a lovely wedding present, or engagement or just to save a cherished photo for yourself.

frame 1


This would look equally as good with the new Peony posy stamp, or in megaflakes on the paint.

Why not have a go on an old frame you have lying around, or a journal, coat hangers, anything that could do with a spruce up!

Hope you have a lovely week,

Best Regards,



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2 Comments on True Blue

  1. Wow this is divine!!! I love all your stamps, where in New York can we get them?

    Gina | April 13, 2015 at 10:41 am () ()
  2. What a great way to make this frame into something to be treasured Nikki x

    Jenny | April 13, 2015 at 1:05 pm () ()