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Mini Canvas

Happy Monday morning everyone.  The sun is shining here in the midlands, but I hear a lot of you have had snow!  Hope you are safe and warm wherever you are.

I’ve had a bit of a weekend of burning the candle at both ends, work and play, so not all bad!

This morning I’ve got a mini canvas for you, that we created at the retreat.  I love this idea of Kay’s, to use the stunning Indigoblu Mixed Media Papers as your pre-printed background, without trying to cover them up or hide parts of them, just using the full beautiful colour available to you!

mini canvas top corner left

Firstly we added a tiny bit of water to some white GeeSsoGood, and dragged a paintbrush across the top of the paper, letting the drips run down the card, and leaving them to dry naturally.  A few lines with a credit card edge were added, and then the canvas taken outside (or on newspaper), and splattered a few times with the watered down mix.  We continued the GeeSsoGood around the edges of the paper, in a thick line, giving a fab finish.

Once dry, stamping was added with Limor Webber’s Ink Splats stamp, I love this one so much!  I used Stayzon Ganache to tone in with the paper colours behind.

mini canvas 1

We made some embellishments of our own, using glass dome’s, and another piece of the beautiful Indigoblu paper’s.  These are glued to the glass with Studio media’s, or glossy accents, as they dry clear.

The elements were layered up how we wanted to, a bit of lace, some crepe bandage (yes, really!), a bit of tangled cotton here and there.  And then a bit of flitterglu and flake in Chariot of Fire, to give a hint of gold leaf.

mini canvas detail


For the feature, I chose Dinkie Peony, simply stamped in Stazon Ganache, to compliment the colours already chosen.  It was layered onto some painted wooden flowers (just in pantry white watered down, I liked the natural look).  I chose the same stamp as Kay had, it just looked right!

A metal clock face, and a cog got in there of course, anyone that knows me now know’s that most of my work ends up with a cog or a lightbulb in it somewhere (I sneak it in!).

mini canvas bottom corner left

So here is the finished piece, a little 6 x 6 image that can then be glued onto chipboard and turned into a hanging, or onto a canvas.  The Indigoblu paper’s are very strong and high quality to start with, they will withstand quite a lot of treatment!  You could of course, also make this the front for a high quality special card for someone.

mini canvas main

Hope you like it, we had fun with this one, it was just a quick and simple way of letting your imagination go, but already having that fab background you’ve chosen from the papers.

Have a lovely week everyone, and watch out, there will be exciting things coming soon from Indigoblu as always!

Best Wishes,


Nikki K.


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3 Comments on Mini Canvas

  1. So, so beautiful Nikki! x

    Jenny Marples | March 30, 2015 at 8:47 pm () ()
  2. Fabulous Nikki – love it lol xxx

    Su Roberts | March 31, 2015 at 4:29 pm () ()
  3. Looks like great fun layering up all those bits and pieces!

    Christina Doré | April 5, 2015 at 8:15 am () ()