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Technique Thursday – Red Red Rose Ring

Morning everyone,

I think this is the last technique thursday of the year, and I’ve brought you something a little different.  I know most of you know my love of ICE Resin, but did you know Indigoblu are the preferred UK suppliers of it?  And that the Indigoblu Cottage Paints, because they are so low in water content, mix perfectly with ICE.   Let me show you how:


Step 1.




To take a mold of the object you want to recreate, take one part yellow to one part white of ICE Resin’s moulding compound, and mix together for one minute until one colour.  Don’t mix for too much longer, it starts to set quite quickly, so also make sure you have the items to hand that you want to make a mold from.

Step 2.




Push the object into the moulded putty, and leave it there for at least ten minutes.  After this time you will be able to remove it, but if you are using the mold for resin it’s best to wait 24 hours before pouring.

Step 3.




Take your Ice Resin, Indigoblu Cottage paint Colour, a mixing stick, mixing cup and have your mold ready.

Using the Syringe, dispense some Ice Resin into your mixing cup, and stir for two minutes.  Don’t worry about little bubbles at this stage, they will dissipate. Add a tiny dash of Postbox Red Artists Acrylic paint, and mix in.

Step 4.




Once mixed, pour some of the resin into the mold, using your stirring stick to coax it in to the small crevices, this helps to stop bubbles in the finished piece.  Add resin until it’s level and not overflowing, then leave for at least 24 hours to dry.

Step 5.


After 24 hours, pop the rose out of the mold, and it is ready to attach to a ring blank.  You can use resin again for this step, or a two part glue.






And there you go.  A lovely ring, great for a gift, or to keep yourself and wear for the party season.  You could of course add glitter – for a bit of seasonal sparkle.

This is my last blog post for this year, so I hope you have a fantastic Christmas, and Happy New Year.

Best Wishes,


Nikki K. xxx

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