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Back to Basics with Laura


Hi everyone Laura here with you all today!

Today I’m going to be sharing a card made using the beautiful holly-flourish-dinkie!

To start, I have made a card base from some fabulous IndigoBlu Black Stamping Card. Once cut to size I drew a circle on the black card so I had a stamping guide to follow. Next I took a piece of Phat Foam and added a good teaspoon sized dollop of FlitterGlu to it, working it in with a spatula. Once ready to use I placed it foam side down onto my craft mat so the glue will not dry out. I then used the piece of Phat Foam as you would an ink pad and ”inked” up my Holly Flourish stamp. I stamped all around the previously made stamping guide with the Holly Flourish stamp.




You do not need to worry about flaking each flourish as you stamp because the FlitterGlu will stay tacky for about a week. Once you have stamped all the flourishes in the circle you need to clean your stamp with tap water. Dunk your stamp into a small tub of water then wipe off with a baby wipe and dry with paper towel. If the glue has dried on your stamp dribble some IndigoBlu Stamp Cleaner onto it, wait a few minutes and scrub with an old tooth brush. Wash off the Stamp Cleaner with tap water and dry your stamp. Repeat if necessary. Once your stamp is clean you can flake up your image, I have used megaflake-chariot-of-fire to flake the flourishes. When you get a new pot of flake you need to put it into a larger box as it will expand. Take your piece of card and hover it over the box, throwing some of the flake at it. Rub the flake all around so it sticks to each part of the stamped image. Rub off the excess back into the pot and place the piece flat onto your work surface. Give the piece another good rub with the flat of your hand to make sure all the flake has stuck to the FlitterGlu. Take your Scoochy Foam and rub gently in all different directions to release the excess flake, it not only cleans but polishes the flake.


To finish I have mounted the card with a layer of mirri card in matching gold and added a ribbon to make the piece look like a wreath


I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post


Laura x x



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  1. this is beautiful thank you for sharing your lovely work xx

    Lesley Lawton | October 2, 2014 at 9:21 pm () ()