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Technique Day- Fast Kroma Crackle

Hi everyone Clare here, its Technique day today and I have decided to share how to use Kroma Crackle in a fast way rather than a 2 day drying time.


First you will need Kroma Crackle, Paint, paint brush, IndigoBlu perfect stamping card, Slap it on, FlitterGlu, Phat foam and a spatula.


Size and paint with your base colour a piece of IndigoBlu perfect stamping card. Let this dry or speed it up with a heat gun. The IndigoBlu paint dries pretty fast naturally so this one is up to you.



     Put some FlitterGlu onto a piece of phat foam and wipe it all over the piece of card making sure that every part of it has some flitterglu on it.



Squeeze out some Kroma and spread it around with a spatula, this layer needs to be thin, around 1mm thick not like when you leave it to dry naturally.



Dry the Kroma with a heat gun being careful not to put the heat too close. Move the heat around trying not to concentrate it all in one place, you risk burning the Kroma, if this happens it will take on a yellowish sheen.



Finally, give it a thin coat of Slap it on to seal the Kroma, if you miss this step the crackles will ping off over time and can get knocked off if rubbed against something else.


The Kroma will go clear again at this point and that is totally normal, once the Slap it on has dried it will go back to being white.


Here is an oldie but one of my most favourite cards created using this technique.


kroma butterfly 1


kroma butterfly 2


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1 Comment on Technique Day- Fast Kroma Crackle

  1. must try this, love kroma crackle. thanks for sharing.
    the butterfly card is gorgeous x

    julie | April 6, 2014 at 3:09 pm () ()