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Technique Day – Gee-sso Resist

Hi everyone Clare here, it is my turn today to do a full step by step tutorial for you for our Technique Day segment.


I had fantastic feedback from all you lovely BluBelles on the green card I posted last week. I had quite a few messages asking how I created it so I decided that I would show you all for my turn at the Technique Day post.


green stencil background 2


So here we go, it is really really simple. You need your base, for my example I used watercolour card stock, some phat foam, a stencil, a spatula and your colour. I used the fabulous Luminarte primary elements made into sprays which are the flavour of the month for me! Any sprays, home made or shop bought are suitable. They do need to be water based sprays, acrylic paint turned into sprays will not work for this technique. You could also use watercolour paints straight from the pan.



To begin with take your spatula and load up your phat foam with a good blob of Gee-Sso Good. Work the product into the foam as you would do when you are using flitter glu.




Using an up and down dabbing motion dab the foam through your stencil. Be sure not to rub or go side to side or press too hard, all of which will make the Gee-Sso go under the stencil and smear. Clean the stencil thoroughly to get all of the Gee-Sso off it before it dries.




Dry the piece with a heat tool making sure it is not wet in any areas.




Choose your colours, 3 is best, always stick to uneven numbers and make sure they are complimentary to each other. I have chosen the luminarte primary elements colours Jasmine, Hopeful Honeysuckle, French Liliac. You will also need clean water in a spray bottle.




Wet your piece with water, if it is water colour paper you will need more water than normal paper. Spray your 3 colours in 2 different areas each to create an interesting pattern.




Dry thoroughly with a heat gun. While drying wipe up all the over spray on your mat and smoosh it around to pick all the extra colour up.




Edge the whole piece with distress ink, I used Victorian Velvet to compliment the pinks in the sprays.




Take a baby wipe or a damp cloth and carefully wipe back the ink off the Gee-Sso to brighten up the white. Don’t rub too vigorously or you will pit and tear the paper.




And you are done.




Here you can see the sparkle from the mica that is in the luminarte primary elements.




I hope you enjoyed my tutorial

Thanks for visiting


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5 Comments on Technique Day – Gee-sso Resist

  1. Well i did think i could like this technique then you go and bring in the PINK,,,love it thanks 4 the tec day hun xx

    sandy jones (@sandyjonesuk) | March 14, 2014 at 2:19 pm () ()
  2. Great technique. Love the soft finish it gives.

    greendragon | March 14, 2014 at 4:43 pm () ()
  3. Such a beautiful background with so few processes! Gorgeous, Clare!

    Jen (ozegran) | March 15, 2014 at 2:37 pm () ()
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  5. Fabulous technique, thank you so much, will def have a go at this, really gorgeous effect.

    Christine | March 28, 2014 at 8:45 pm () ()