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Technique Day – Snowflakes aren’t just for Christmas!

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the late blog post today, I haven’t been near home all day and it’s the first chance I’ve had to get near the computer.  It’s my turn to share a technique today, and this is one that was published in Simply Cards & Papercraft back in August, but I think a lot of you may not have seen it, so here it is. .

Materials used:

 Large Snowflake Stamp

Rue Romantique Bezel

Ice Resin Template (Or acetate)

Perfect Black Cardstock


Morris Dance Megaflakes

Scoochy sponge


Phat Foam

Slap it on

Ice Resin


 Step by Step:

 Step 1:

Stamp the Large Snowflake onto black cardstock, using Phat Foam and flitterglu, and add megaflakes.  Use a scoochy sponge to remove the excess flake.

step 1 


Step 2:

Using a template, I used the Rue Romantique template but acetate is just as good for this, mark the front of your bezel with stayzon and stamp onto the acetate, cut out the acetate for your template, and you can then choose the portion of the Snowflake design you wish to use.

Step 2 


Step 3.

Glue the image into the bezel with flitterglu, and seal with two coats of Slap it on.  This is important for the resin not to seep into the picture.  Add embellishments.

 Step 3

Step 4.

Using the Ice Resin syringe, dispense a small amount into a mixing cup, and stir for two minutes until clear.  Wait a few minutes for some of the bubbles to dissipate and pour carefully into your bezel.

 Step 4

Step 5.

You can wait 6 hours, and pour a second coat, which gives a lovely doming effect to your piece.  After 24 hours your piece will be touch dry, and after 72, hard as nails and beautifully clear and protected.

 Step 5


Tip:  If a few bubbles remain, blow lightly on to the surface of the resin, you will see the bubbles start to pop.  It’s difficult to make error’s with this resin, it just seems to clear all by itself!


Tip:  Ice resin can be used on your cards, to give added gloss to your embellishments.  Just coat the image with slap it on to seal it, and add resin to the top.  If you choose not to seal the paper, you will get a lovely see through vintage paper effect – it’s up to you!



To finish the pendant, I added a simple chain, and set some rhinestone’s into the second layer of resin to add a bit of sparkle.   This is my favourite Rue Romantique bezel, it’s a real statement piece! 



 Don’t forget that the large snowflake stamp makes a beautiful flourish, or border, on your cards, and really is great all year round, you can turn it into flowers even!  Let me know if you have other ideas for it too!

Have a good week all, 

Best Wishes,


Nikki. xx


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