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Technique Day – Rue Romantique Resin Pendant

Hi everyone,

It’s my turn this week for ‘Technique Day’.

Indigoblu are the UK preferred distributor’s for Ice Resin.  This is a two part epoxy resin. It’s simple to mix, one part a to one part b, and dries hard and clear.  It’s jeweller’s grade, non yellowing, and self doming.  It cleans off your hands whilst using it with just a baby wipe, as it’s completely non-toxic.

I love resin as it just makes images ‘pop’, gives them a protective coating, and can be used in so many different ways.  You can use it in jewellery, in frames on an altered art piece, or on domino’s.  It’s great in molds with inclusions like glitter, and can be poured in layers. This resin is self levelling and when you add a second layer, it ‘domes’ beautifully. The possibilities are endless.

This project show’s you how to make a beautiful pendant.


Stamps used: Mr Darcy’

Rue Romatique bezel

Ice Resin

 ‘Slap it on’ matte medium




Flat backed pearls/crystals

Old watch cogs

Step 1. 

Stamp and colour your image, making sure you use ink/pens/pencils that won’t run when you come to seal them.  I used versafine Onyx black to stamp, then coloured my image with waterproof pencils.  Pro-markers are a good choice too.  Indigoblu stock the fabulous Neo-colour waterproof pencils, which are my pencils of choice for artwork now.

 step 1a

Step 2.


Make a template for your bezel, by just touching the front of your bezel with stayzon ink, it will pick up the shape of the bezel.  Turn the bezel over on to a piece of acetate, and use it as a stamp.  This will leave the shape of the bezel on the acetate, which you can then cut out and use as a template over and over again for different projects.

 step 2a

Step 3.


Use your template to cover part of your stamped image that you like.  As it’s clear, you can pick the best part for your necklace.  Mark around the template with a pen or pencil and cut it out.

 Step 3a

Step 4.


Using ‘Slap it on’, or Mod Podge, or matte medium, coat your image both sides and edges, and let it dry.  Coat the bezel centre, and put your image in.  Let it dry again, and then give 2 more coats to the top of your image, making sure all the edges are sealed in the bezel.  Don’t worry about how it looks, it dries clear, and the resin cover’s any streaks etc.

 step 4a

Step 5.


Add some inclusions if you wish, I added some flat back tiny pearls, and some old watch parts to add interest.

 Step 5a

Step 6.


Mix your resin according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  I used Ice resin in a handy syringe dispenser, so only needed one cup to mix it in, as it dispenses the same amount of each.  Using your stirring stick, drop little amounts of resin into your bezel, until it reaches the edges.  I have used one layer on my pendant, as I can judge when it will slightly dome and not break out of the bezel, but you can let one layer dry, and then add a shallow top layer to dome.  Leave the pendant to dry for 24 hours before touching.

 Step 6a


Designer Tips:

If you are worried about the resin being dry, leave your stirring stick in the mixing cup, and when it’s solid and not sticky, your pendant will be dry!

Leave the pendant for 72 hours before making the jewellery up with it, as it will be fully cured then.

Penny Savers:

If you have leftover resin, never throw it away.  It’s best to do batches of jewellery, but if you still have some left, pour it in the bottom of mold’s to make a first layer, or paint it on to paper such as music paper or wrapping, (use your craft sheet or greaseproof paper) when it is dry it will give you a lovely laminated paper to use in other projects.  You could also add a tiny bit of Indigoblu Cottage paint, in a chosen colour, and fill your mold’s with that.

Here is the finished pendant.  To wear as a necklace, either add a simple chain, or recycle an old necklace and give it a brand new focal point.



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5 Comments on Technique Day – Rue Romantique Resin Pendant

  1. Fabulous step by steps Nikki ……. stunning project! Linda xx

    LindyLou | January 13, 2014 at 12:52 pm () ()
    • Thanks hun. xx

      Nikki K | February 3, 2014 at 6:52 pm () ()
  2. Thanks for great tutorial! I’ve been playing with Ice resin for a few months using molds and glitter and sparkly things! So fun.

    Kim M | January 18, 2014 at 4:57 pm () ()
    • Hi Kim, thank you. Ice Resin is amazing isn’t it.. Hope to show you lot’s more soon 🙂

      Nikki K | February 3, 2014 at 6:52 pm () ()
  3. I have never used ice resin Nikki but you have certainly inspired me to try as this pendant is beautiful

    Annie x

    Annie G | July 28, 2014 at 3:51 pm () ()