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Can you guess what it is?

Morning all, I hope the weather isn’t treating you too badly, and you are all safe.  I know it’s been awful for some parts of the UK already, we don’t seem to have had it here in Coventry much yet.

I was in Barmouth in Wales for the weekend, and it’s actually been quite pleasant, definitely not cold, and we seemed to miss the rain when we were out and about.

Today’s project is in two parts, as it’s not by any means finished, but I thought I’d set you a little teaser to see if you can guess what it is.

I used the gorgeous Indigoblu Cottage paints, in Burning Bonfire, Hot Cocoa and Postbox Red, which make a fabulous Rusty effect when painted randomly together, Kay showed this technique at the Retreat last weekend.  As I’m a bit of a fan of all things rusty, you can tell what my favourite things to paint will be!

So, is it a frame, a lipped canvas, a little tray. . . ? What do you think?

In the recess, I dyed a piece of calico with a used teabag, to give an aged effect.  I then stamped the ‘Pattern’ background stamp (which is becoming a firm fave of mine), onto the calico with Stayzon, in the colour ‘ganache’.  The fabric was torn into a small square to fit.

I took a small flat ply heart from the shop, and covered it half in old dictionary pages, and half with the rust paint effect.  Then edged it in ‘Chariot of Fire’ megaflakes using Flitterglu.


On top of that I had a ‘found object’ of a little heart, but filled it with Ice Resin and added some embellishments of the watch hands, and also cog’s to the top of the heart.  The words ‘Dream’, Inspire’ and ‘Art’ were stamped and cut out, using the ‘Sarah’s Choice’ stamp set.


All of this was sealed with slap it on, so that my final layer of resin didn’t seep in too much to the fabric or stamping.  I mixed a large pot of Ice resin, and poured it in to the recess, over the fabric, first heart and cogs, and up to the second heart, so it looks like it’s floating.  Where the resin has slightly seeped into the fabric, I think it’s given it a nice, aged look.

dream main

There is more to do, and I will share next week when the resin has set and I can carry on, and reveal what it is!

Stay safe and have a good week,

Nikki K.




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