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I know it’s not Christmas, but. . . .

Good morning all, I hope you had a good weekend.  Mine was amazing, I was demonstrating at Melbicks in Coleshill both days, and just had a brilliant time.  I met so many lovely people too.  The only trouble is, I have a feeling my visit will cost me a fortune, I am planning on going back to do the Christmas shopping, it’s an amazing place for gifts!

I’m babysitting a poorly puppy this morning, although she’s asleep on the sofa, so I think I might get some crafting in today, she’s normally barking and wanting to play from 6am to 12pm if we let her!

This next weekend coming I will be doing a make and take with Ice Resin, Indigoblu stamps (and domino’s) at Osbourne’s in Birmingham’s Megacraft day.  There are still spaces, and it’s a great price for five lessons and two make and takes!  Pauline Wheeler, one of our newest DT member’s will also be there, making Indigoblu’s lovely mdf Bauble’s.

It’s such a busy month, and I’m loving every minute, especially as the weekend after I get to play all weekend, and catch up with some of you at the Indigoblu Retreat.  I will be there Saturday and Sunday, just playing!

Today I thought I’d bring you a Christmas decoration, I know it’s not even Halloween yet but I haven’t finished my little spooky project, so maybe we will get to that next week.

I started with a normal sized domino,  which I did take down to hubby’s garage and drill through from top to bottom,  then flitterglu’d and flaked a piece of black card with Snowflake Border, and Large Snowflake.  Then you just cut two pieces from the card, slightly larger than the domino, and glue them on to both sides of it.  When the glue is a bit drier (I used flitterglu as it is nice and sticky), you can trim close to the domino, and just round the corners slightly, to give a neat finish.

Then all you need to do is seal the domino both sides and edges with slap it on, it dries clear so you won’t notice it on the edges, or you could paint them or flake them for extra glam.

Christmas Dec 1

Then is the fun bit, mix your Ice Resin equally in a little mixing cup, it’s one to one so really easy, especially from the syringe as it’s ready measured for you.  Mix for about two minutes, and don’t worry about bubbles, they will come out, this is the best Resin!  It’s also jeweller’s grade so it doesn’t yellow, is waterproof, and will last a lifetime.  Especially good for creating heirlooms.  Spread the resin with either an old paintbrush that you can throw away, or one of the stirring sticks.  Think of putting Jam on toast, that’s all you need.  The resin has it’s own resistance, so will stay where you put it, and not run all over the place.  Leave it for 24 hours before touching, if worried, leave your stirring stick in the cup, when that is set hard, you can touch your piece!  Don’t forget to cover it with a lid of some sort while it is curing, to keep the dust out.

Christmas Dec side 2


There are two ways you can finish your decoration off, if you can drill your domino you can just do a wirework loop top and bottom, and add charms, ribbon and fibre’s to finish.  If you have no access to a drill, then just glue a bail, or bend a piece of fancy filigree over the top and glue it, to thread the ribbon through.  You could attach things to the bottom in the same way.  Have a play – see what you come up with! x

Have a great week,

Lots of love,

Nikki K. xx

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2 Comments on I know it’s not Christmas, but. . . .

  1. Amazing as always Nikki.
    so glad you had a good weekend, I did too
    P x

    Pauline wheeler | October 7, 2013 at 9:44 am () ()
    • Thanks Pauline, can’t wait to see your piece’s when you start blogging for IB. xxx

      Nikki K | October 7, 2013 at 10:41 am () ()