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About Us

IndigoBlu was launched on 1 May 2011 after Alfie had been made redundant for the third time!!

A friend recommended they borrow an old stamp making machine that was gathering dust and make a go of it. With just enough money for one roll of rubber, Alfie began creating stamps from Kay's designs in his Mum & Dad's shed. Kay's 18 years in the industry coupled with her design and photographic experience led her to create the very distinctive Quintessentially English range of rubber stamps. Kay and Alfie quickly decided that they wanted to make high quality, deeply etched, detailed designs hence all of the IndigoBlu range of stamps are made from red rubber. The first stamps were sold in June 2011 with their first website promoting the products launched soon after.

With the help of David from Samuel Taylors IndigoBlu's small range of stamps was promoted to crafters in their stores and at retail shows. So popular were the designs that it wasn't long before Kay was called on to produce more designs and production had to increase. The press was moved from Alfie's Dad's shed to a "production cabin" in the garden of Kay and Alfie's cottage in Retford, a true cottage industry. It wasn't long before Kay had to give up her 3 jobs and dedicate herself full-time (and some) to IndigoBlu.

After a great deal of trial and error Kay developed the now famous FlitterGlu stamping adhesive for use with the IndigoBlu gilding flake, foil, glitter, pastels and mica powders. The product was so successful extra help (family and friends) was drafted in to pack glue and flake to meet demand.

In early 2012 with Kay's first appearance on Create and Craft and shortly after, the first showing at Stitches Trade Show the IndigoBlu brand was firmly established as a rising star within the craft world winning Stamp of the Year 2012 at their first show. To cope with demand Kay and Alfie were pleased to be able to offer part-time work to quite a few IndigoBlu elves in addition to the family and friends who all helped out. The business was increasing and Kay and Alfie were growing from a family cottage industry into an established local employer and manufacturer. A second press purchased in March 2012 and a full-time press operator filled not only the cabin but almost all of the house with raw materials, packaging and finished goods. At it's peak there were once 17 people working in this 3 bed-room house and cabin so that customers orders could be fulfilled.

In April 2012 IndigoBlu moved to a small manufacturing unit where they currently reside. Kay has taken over the cabin as her design studio.

Kay and Alfie continue to often put in 7 day weeks with a number of early morning starts and finishes to be able to attend shows and continue to promote the IndigoBlu products which every month is widening in range.

Kay designs the majority of IndigoBlu stamps, with the help of some guest designers who bring their own flavour to the IndigoBlu famiily. Just like any graphic designer Kay will use licensed images which she reworks or collages in the IndigoBlu style. Sometimes Kay may hand draw on the image. In a past life Kay was a professional photographer, so she will sometimes use her images for line art.

We hope you enjoy crafting with our products and we thank each and every customer who has bought our stamps, flakes and glu. Without you we would not have grown so quickly. Our Angel Policy allows you to use any of our designs for your own creations and to sell any finished work anywhere you like. The only thing we do not allow is mechanical reproduction of any of our designs.

Your frequent kind comments and words of praise really do inspire us and gives us great pleasure in watching the IndigoBlu family continue to grow.